Sep, 2015Dr Mirandolino is reappointed as head of Urology Service of Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Porto Alegre

Dr. Mirandolino Mariano Batista was reappointed for another three years of management as the head of the Urology Service of the Santa Casa de Misericordia de Porto Alegre, in a ceremony that took place on the morning of September 8, 2015.

The solemn table was formed by the provider Alfredo Guilherme Englert, dean of UFCSPA Miriam da Costa Oliveira, general manager Julio Dornelles Mattos and medical director Jorge Lima Hetzel, who stressed the importance of that moment in the life of pioneering and exemplary institution, which since 1803 provides relevant services to the Rio Grande do Sul population. "Services of the Santa Casa are reference for all. The care- education binomial is part of our history. "

The provider Englert said that despite the time of great difficulties in the RS statre, in Brazil and in the world, he has great confidence in the team that will lead the 42 specialized services of the Santa Casa in the next three years- nowadays Santa Casa has 1990 doctors in its medical staff .

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