Aug, 2015Wonderful: peruvian trainee defines her time with Dr Mirandolino

One of the activities of Dr Mirandolino Mariano Batista in the Santa Casa de Misericordia Hospital, where he heads the Urology Service, is to receive trainees. They come from various Brazilian states and several countries in South America, especially in Peru, a country that Dr. Mirandolino has worked more intensely since chaired the Solcimi - Surgery Minimally Invasive Society.

Cinthia Alcántara Quispe, of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, resident sophomore Daniel Alcides Carrion Hospital in Lima, come learn from Dr. Mirandolino. She knew the stage in Urology at the Santa Casa de Porto Alegre through a teacher, Dr Alexis Alva, urologist Peruvian laparoscopista.

About his experience in Urology at the Santa Casa in the first half of 2015, has nothing but praise:
"Solo tengo una palabra ... Maravilloso !!! We really like her expectation that yo guardaba for ella, me dio el momentum y las herramientas necesarias to be able to do and follow el camino I decided, "he said.

Asked what drew the most attention during the stage, she responded: "There calidad de persona del Dr Mirandolino hace que la rotation of for themselves valga la pena, ya learn the bell Urology sólo de administración, interpersonal dealings, economy, outpatient, y amistad. It definitely Y su calidad technical operatoria ".

For all this, Dr. Cinthia speaks with conviction that recommends the stage with Dr. Mirandolino other Peruvian colleagues. "Muchas gracias por todo" he concludes.

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